Monday, December 24, 2012

These are the reasons for the brutal police attack on the community José Guiñón of Ercilla

December 24, 2012

After the violent armed raid that occurred the afternoon and evening of last Saturday, the community reveales the paltry evidence supporting a new setup against two of its members arrested in that operation.

It comes to alleged witnesses of a "robbery with violence" that would have heard the "voice" of the two accused. So serious are the proofs.

They explain that the press was not allowed to enter to the hearing and also that it is to look for a way to stop a trip of the leader Jaime Marileo abroad for a trial against the Chilean state.

Public Statement:

The Mapuche community Cacique José Guiñón of Ercilla wants to inform our Mapuche People, the national and international public opinion, the following:

Kiñe: That on Saturday December 22 at 19:30, a strong contingent of Carabineers and Investigations Police (PDI) began a raid on our community. In the police attack, which lasted several hours, were arrested our brothers Jaime Marileo Saravia and Jorge Marimán Loncomilla, who on Sunday December 23 were formalized in Collipulli Court, for an alleged robbery with violence occurred in the area of Tricauco.

Epu: The only "evidence" against our brothers lies in the alleged speech recognition. One of the alleged victims recognized the voice of Jorge and the other says he recognized the voice of Jaime, which is a constant in the rigged procedures of the investigations that the repressive forces of occupation in the area conduct ​​against Mapuche.

Killa: As a community we ensure that this case is a new setup of the police, in this particularly the PDI because it happens just days before Jaime Saravia Marileo's trip to Costa Rica to present himself before the Inter American Court of Human Rights in the trial against the Chilean government for the existing flaws in the iconic Poluco Pidenco case, where our brother was convicted along with other community members to 10 years and one day under the Anti-Terrorism Act. Trial that will surely condemn the Chilean state. This we believe, was the reason for which the supervising judge denied press access to the formalization hearing.

Meli: Also, it is noteworthy that Jorge Marimán Loncomilla was recently acquitted by the Oral Trial Court of Angol for the setup in the Toll Quino case, for which he spent 14 months in prison also accused under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Kechu: It is no coincidence that the Chilean state insists on imprisoning and preparing new setups against those community members who have been acquitted or have spent a long time in detention. To Jaime and Jorge there is added the case of Luis Marileo, who is also imprisoned in the Angol prison under the same modus operandi.

Kayu: Given this clear persecution against our community, which has done nothing but exercise their legitimate right to recover their usurped lands and fight for their dignity, we have had to suffer setup after setup and other forms of police repression that have been repeatedly condemned by the Court of Appeal of Temuco and even the Supreme Court.

Regle: The character of the state policy of persecution against the community Cacique José Guiñón is evident, as in all these cases the government acts as plaintiff through the anti-Mapuche lawyers of the regional commissariat.

Purra: The stage described, it is that we reaffirm the absolute innocence of our peñi of the accusations they are faced with and make it clear that neither political persecution, imprisonment nor death will end our legitimate fight for territory, autonomy and self-determination.

Community Cacique José Guiñón
Ercilla, Mapuche Territory

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