Sunday, December 23, 2012

Raid on Community José Guiñón: At least two detainees

December 22, 2012

A large police contingent, including police and investigative police raided the community Cacique José Guiñón in Ercilla, during the afternoon of Saturday.

In the operation carried out in this community located within Pidima, the leader Marileo Jaime Saravia was arrested, a former political prisoner who served years in prison for the known Poluco Pidenco case.

Minutes later Jorge Marimán Lonkomilla was also arrested, recently acquitted Mapuche prisoner. The young community member has been held long months in preventive detention and even went through a hunger strike, to eventually be declared innocent. Now he is arrested again.

The community members have been taken to the headquarters of the PDI of Angol and on Sunday morning will be realized their control of the arrests, but still the motives of the police attack are unknown. 


From Mapuche Territory we inform the national and international public opinion that today December 22 at 19:30 staff of the GOPE Chilean police made ​​entry into the homes of Mapuche community Cacique José Guiñon of Ercilla.

We denounce that the heavily armed police is terrorizing and torturing through repressive actions children, the elderly and pregnant women by means of the threat of death to the household heads who have been held for long minutes at gunpoint inside their houses , to be then transferred to the jail of Angol, without prior knowledge of the facts alleged against them.

This contingent continues within the community in search of the arbitrary detention of more community members.

So far we only know of the arrest and transfer to Angol of Jaime Marileo and Jorge Mariman, who have been persecuted and even imprisoned for many years, without proving concretely the facts alleged against them.

We ask all our peñi and lamgen to be alert to the actions being carried out by the Chilean state, as a way to violate, infringe and intimidate our people that continues day after day the struggle for the recovery and liberation of our territory.

Community Cacique José Guiñon


***** By Tamara Manosalva: It is reported that at this time, GOPE staff is still raiding, destroying and doing violence to children, elderly and pregnant women ..... We report that there is a minor detainee, identified as M.C.L., 16, who has been arrested with his mother, Machi Adriana Loncomilla, and transferred to the city of Angol. It is reported that the raid had a special character in its violence and destruction, and threats with firearms to heads of households with their underage children present. 

***** By Tamara Manosalva: Last minute news: It is reported that minor M.C.L. has been released, along with his mother, still detained are youths Jaime Marileo and Jorge Loncomilla, without knowing the charges brought against them

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