Sunday, December 23, 2012

Raid on Lof Muko resulted in two detainees

December 23, 2012

The repression in Wallmapu continues, this morning at about 06 hours PDI agents, led by the anti-Mapuche prosecutor, raided the Autonomous Community Mateo Ñirripil. In this new aggression against communities in resistance, Chilean civil police detained at least two community members, one of them, from the inside of his home is the peñi Eliseo Ñirripil of the other peñi the name is unknown, both were taken to the PDI of Temuco.

The community werken, Elvis Millan, said he was unaware the reason for the arrests and will travel to Temuco to demand an explanation on this situation. Although according to the prosecutor the peñi have to do with the fire that occurred last night, one in Lautaro and another near Padre las Casas.

The community, belonging to Lof Muko in Lautaro, has a long history of fighting for territory and for this a couple of years ago several of its members were arrested passing a long time prisoners, including conducting a long hunger strike to finally get the precautionary measures changed to probation, since their imprisonment could not be sustained by the prosecution. 

They have also been repressed and even betrayed by a sister community, the Mateo Ñirripil Traditional (several members served as protected witnesses) that while the peñis were prisoners obtained the farms that the brothers had recovered.

But Autonomous Community Mateo Ñirripil has managed recover and move on, now carrying a territorial recovery processes, claiming the farm Los Pilos usurped by farmer Pablo Geobel Rivas, where the peñi already conducted a Nguillatun as a continuation of the process started there.

Therefore this is the explanation for the raid, more than with acts of resistance or setting fire to homesteads or landowners, the persecution of this community, to José Guiñon yesterday or others that have been and will be repressed, it has to do with the demand for territory and independence of our Mapuche Country.   

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