Monday, January 7, 2013

Chile: Raid on Community Autonomous Temucuicui leaves one seriously injured Mapuche

Pictures of Pablo Millanao sent by Jorge Huenchullan
Posted on January 7, 2013 by adkimvn

A violent raid with armored vehicles and a strong contingent of Special Police Forces was reported a few moments ago by the Community Autonomous Temucuicui, in the area of Ercilla, region of La Araucanía.

The werkén Jorge Huenchullan told Bio Bio radio that police entered "without provocation and violently assaulted a Mapuche community member who is seriously injured. He was forcefully tortured and interrogated."

The assaulted Mapuche is Pablo Millanao, 34, whom personnel of the Special Police Forces have brutally beaten, leaving him almost unconscious, after which they have taken some of his clothes and they left him abandoned on a public road in the community, with serious injuries, for which he was taken to Cesfam of Ercilla and then taken to the Hospital of Victoria.

Moreover, in dialog with Radio Cooperativa, the Werkén explained that the raid left several members of the community "injured by bullets", including Pablo Millanao.

The Werkén Huenchullan added that the police "had no court order, we do not know why they tortured our brother. We will denounce the situation. The police action got out of control, they are persecuting anyone passing through our territory."

Until now police Special Forces remain in the vicinity of the Community Autonomous Temucuicui, which has been denounced by the Werkén as harassment and a true "state of siege" in Mapuche territory. 

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