Thursday, January 3, 2013

Italian citizens welcomed in Mapuche filed an appeal against Interior Minister

ADN | December 31, 2012

"I hope that Mr. Chadwick tries to change his techniques of his youth which he continues to maintain, to intimidate and to blame the victims," ​​said José Venturelli, of the Ethics Committee against Torture.

Both Italian citizens, accused as alleged agitators in the Araucanía Region, were welcomed in the Mapuche community Temucuicui, while this morning the foreigners filed an Appeal of Protection against the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick.

Following this appeal, Lorenzo Morales, attorney representing Luisa Costalbano and Valentina Fabbri, daughter of a political exile, said they want the Minister Chadwick to deliver information on the charge of agitators in protests registered in the Mapuche conflict zone.

Meanwhile, Jorge Huenchullan, of the community of Temucuicui, where the have foreigners stayed, said "we want to offer asylum to the two citizens so that they are in Mapuche territory, and not in the Chilean State that is so repressive and does not respect the rights of the people, let alone indigenous rights." 

They are people who come "only to document and see in the field the violence exercised by the state against our communities," said Huenchullan.

José Venturelli, international spokesman for the Ethics Committee against Torture, said that the women "have not received notice of removal" and "are in contact with the Italian embassy (...) I hope that Mr. Chadwick tries to change the techniques of his youth, which he continues to use, of intimidation and to produce this kind of blaming the victims. "

The European Commission of Human Rights confirmed that the two Italian citizens are Human Rights Observers, records that were emailed, on
November 29, to four officials of the Foreign Ministry, thus undermining the statements of the government.  

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