Thursday, January 3, 2013


Greetings to all the people who have continued to support our struggle and especially our Mapuche nation and all First Nations of the world.
My name is Gabriel V. M., I am a minor and I belong to the Mapuche community Wente Winkul Mapu.

Today, January 3, I fulfill four months of confinement in the Prison for Minors Chol Chol. They're accusing me, together with the peñi Luis Marileo and Leonardo Quijón, of a crime that we, as Mapuche youths, never would have committed.

We are young people who are fighting for truth and justice for our people in their just demands for territory, but the Chilean government has not been able to respond and only thinks of repressing and worsening the fight of the Mapuche communities.

As a young man, being in jail is like being dead, because we are accustomed to walk through the countryside, listen to nature and feel at liberty, freedom that this State has taken away from us to protect the interests of the rich and the forestry companies, who are directly responsible for the ravaging of natural resources and water in our countryside.
The State insists in defending them and makes them appear as victims in the media, leaving us like the real looters and criminals. This strategy
is the one that the invaders have always used to enter our communities, suppressing and violating our families, persecuting, murdering and imprisoning us as they do now.

What is the crime of a young man who is born Mapuche and belongs to a people who have fought for centuries ? ...

Justice for our Mapuche Nation!!!!
I say goodbye from this prison, firm in my convictions and strong against a State that tries to break our strength ... 



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