Friday, January 4, 2013

Mapuche spokesperson of the community Temucuicui Autonomous arrested in Ercilla, Chile

Friday, January 4, 2013
Werken Jaime Huenchullan arrested in Ercilla

Police arrested this morning the Werken of the Community Temucuicui Autonomous at the entrance of Ercilla, supposedly to make an identity check, but at the time of the arrest he was not told anything and they just proceeded to restrain and move him by force to the Police Station of the militarized town of Ercilla, ninth region.

After three hours, and after a bureaucratic procedure, they verified his identity (something we all know in a town as small as this one), leaving him free but it becomes clear that it is only an act of provocation and intimidation towards those who publicly defend the claims and demands of the Mapuche Nation. The witch hunt of the terrorist Chilean state has begun.

Communications team
Wallmapuche Temucuicui

Words of Jaime Huenchullan, Werkén of the Community Temucuicui Atonomous

"This morning, while I walked FROM THE LOF TEMUCUICUI to ERCILLA along the path of the LOF KOLLIKO, I was stopped violently and with blows and racist expresions, xenophobic and discriminatory towards our Mapuche people, by special forces who were in an armored vehicle and a civilian police van stationed on the road terrorizing, provoking and intimidating all the people who daily pass to Ercilla, mainly Mapuche.

Neither the genocidal policy of this thieving government, nor the bullets from the MURDERING COPS will stop the claims for TERRITORY and AUTONOMY!


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