Monday, January 7, 2013

Public Statement of Ramón Llanquileo, CAM Mapuche Political Prisoner, Angol Prison, Chile.

Angol, January 5, 2013

I state the following:

1. - Today Saturday, I continue with
my determination to go on with the liquid hunger strike. Much more now when the Gendarmerie of Chile once more denied me the benefit of weekend leave, which agreement had been made by the Council of Gendarmerie on Wednesday 02 of this month and ratified on Thursday 03 by the Command of Gendarmerie. Through this action of the Gendarmerie it shows clearly that the main reasons obey to political pressure by the government of the day, which is also demonstrated with this new onslaught of repression against both Mapuche leader of the CAM Héctor Llaitul C. as in the case of my person.

2. - We call on the communities to continue to mobilize for their historical claims, but also we call on them to be responsible in their actions of resistance. For our enemy, through their mass media, will try to tarnish our just demands for territory and autonomy.

3. - As long as the state and its governments do not have the political will to solve our historical claims that are based on territory and autonomy, it will be very difficult to have tranquility much less when this government continues its stubbornness to militarize some territorial areas, there will be no real chance to find any kind of understanding. 

An occupied people has every right to defend and liberate itself.

Ramón Llanquileo Pilquimán, CAM Mapuche Political Prisoner.


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