Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mapuche community members of WENTE WINKUL MAPU Condemned in flawed trial in Chile

Wednesday January 30, 2013, by Communications Commission / / Campaign to Free all political prisoners Mapuche

They condemn Mapuche community members of WENTE WINKUL MAPU in flawed trial against Erick Montoya, Montoya and Ricardo Rodrigo Nahuelqueo. The prosecution requests 15 years in prison

This afternoon was the last trial hearing that took place against three community members of Wente Winkul Mapu, Erick Montoya, Rodrigo Montoya and Ricardo Nahuelqueo, who last year were more than 60 days on hunger strike.

In a flawed process in which the notable contradictions were evident the protected witness accused them, and in which was felt all the political and media pressure against our people, the anti-Mapuche prosecutor Chamorro managed to condemn our Mapuche Political Prisoners
with a setup for charges of attempted murder to police, in the case of Erick and Rodrigo and regarding Nahuelqueo for damages.

Next Monday the resolution of the sentence will be given, for which the prosecution requests 15 years in prison.

The community Wente Winkul Mapu does not rule out the possibility of appealing for annulment
given how flawed the evidence is and the contradictions in the faceless witness, they are even considering to present the case to the Supreme Court in Santiago.

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