Thursday, January 3, 2013

Community Coñomil Epuleo explains presence in Mapuche territory of Italian Human Rights Observers

December 31, 2012

Public statement by Mapuche Community Coñomil Epuleo: On the possible expulsion of two Italian citizens

The community Coñomil Epuleo represented by the oldest ancestral lonko of the area of Ercilla, Carlos Coñomil Cayupe,
faced with the possible expulsion from Chile of two Italian citizens that perform functions as International Human Rights Observers, declares to the national and international public opinion the following:

That on December 10th of this month, we went to the city of Collipulli as a community to file a lawsuit against the Chilean state for restitution of ancestral lands, during said activity there was held a peaceful and orderly march in which congregated approximately more than 50 Mapuche belonging to our community and we marched from the town square to the courts of Collipulli. It was in this march that both Italian citizens participated as observers of human rights. Who, as a result of the multiple complaints filed internationally against the Chilean State, come to verify such situations, participating in oral hearings , marches and taking testimonies from families brutally beaten by the repressive actions of the Chilean state in the face of the legitimate territorial claims of our communities. 

In the face of this background information we want to:

Kiñe: Reject categorically the expulsion of the two Italian citizens who have expressed solidarity with our People and community Coñomil Epuleo only in their capacity as International Human Rights Observers.

Epu: We regret and repudiate the statements of Minister for the Interior Andrés Chadwick and the Intendant of the ninth region Andres Molina of wanting to set up false and unsubstantiated testimonies against both Human Rights Observers,
by means of this practice wanting to hide the systematic violation of human rights that Chile has committed against the Mapuche communities, contrary to the provisions of international law, such as Article 169 of the ILO and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Mapuche Community Coñomil Epuleo
Lonko Carlos Coñomil Cayupe
Wallmapuche, December 31, 2012.

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