Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chilean court orders police once again "to not violate the laws" in Ercilla

December 29, 2012

The Second Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Temuco accepted the appeal lodged by three members of the Community Folil Mapu and one of Los Lolocos, who were brutally attacked by dozens of armed police.

The facts date back to last December 3, when the four Mapuche returned from helping with the work of a neighboring community, when they were stopped by a strong contingent of special forces and Gope on the road between San Ramón and Chequenco, within Pidima.

They were beaten, thrown to the ground, bound with plastic strips and humiliated by having them kneel in a row, always threatened by submachine guns. They were then taken to the base of Pidima, being released several hours later and charged -surprisingly- with "threatening the police." 

After that the application for protection presented this Friday 28 was received by the judges of Temuco, then they noted that there was no such threat made by the Mapuche and considering records provided by the Prefecture of Malleco, the Court of Collipulli, and the Hospital of Collipulli, they verified that the Mapuche had been brutally beaten leaving them with various injuries in a completely unlawful arrest.

That is why the Court of Temuco ordered the police -for the third time last year- "that henceforth police procedures should be carried out strictly in accordance with the constitutional and legal rules, refraining from affecting the fundamental rights of the people ".

The representing lawyer Nelson Miranda said that "there being already five rulings of the Court of Temuco and two of the Supreme Court of a similar nature, we closed the year 2012 with the factual finding that the attacks on families in Mapuche territory remain the same or worse."

"It is declared, once again, that the actions of the police in the area of Chequenco is illegal and violates the basic rights and guarantees of the community members. Given these recurring, everyday actions by the repressive forces of occupation, the Chilean politicians looking to away while the government sets up a show about the presence of young Italians who, precisely, come to observe the violations of the rights which affect the Mapuche People, as it seems not to interest anyone here seriously,"stated the lawyer.    

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