Friday, January 11, 2013

Vitiated Hearing is performed against Vania Queipul, daughter of the Lonko of the Mapuche Community Temucuicui Autonomous, Chile

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vitiated Hearing is performed against Vania Queipul, daughter of the Lonko of our Community

Right now the hearing of the shortened trial against Vania Queipul takes place in the Court of Collipulli, she is being charged with serious disorders in the context of Piñera's visit in October 2012, the one that caused,
through mega operations by the militarized police force, destroyed homes and several injured people, including children.

The irregularity of the case is that the prosecution has presented new evidence after the deadline stipulated by the law, which is obviously a flawed procedure. Recall that Vania is the daughter of our Lonko, and has lived through several episodes of violence provoked by the police raids in our territory since childhood, what it means to be Mapuche, and even assuming today our representation as werkén of the Autonomous Community Temucuicui . It's not the first time that Vania, at her young age, is politically persecuted.
For us these hearings are part of the paranoia of the state to resolve judicially this misnamed conflict, criminalizing our just demands and refusing any instance of dialog in which the government can not manipulate or co-opt Mapuche representations as they have always tried to do . The violently imposed monologue is not a political solution, let alone to use of the entire communications apparatus at their disposal to distort the reality of our struggle.

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Werken Jaime Huenchullán, Mapuche Community Temucuicui Autonomous  

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