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Special Forces police in Chile again detains and beats the Mapuche werkén Jaime Huenchullán of Temucuicui

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Again the werkén of the Community Autonomous Temucuicui, Jaime Huenchullán, was detained, insulted and beaten by police special forces, this time in the presence of his children and wife. This adds to a string of violent actions by the police, which have affected various communities in Wallmapu.
Testimony by Jaime Huenchullán

Yesterday, Friday January 11, 2013, at around 22 hours, while the werkén, Jaime Huenchullán Cayul, was passing on board of a vehicle, accompanied by his family group on the road that links the sector of Santa Luisa and Temucuicui in front of the estate La Romana of the private land owner René Urban, special forces police officers stopped him and beat him brutally.

Griselda Calhueque Millanao, partner of the Werken gave her account of what happened, "while returning from having visited the father of Jaime, suddenly a light tank that was on the side of the road lit its lamps, crossed and prevented us from continuing, several armed police officers got out, they surrounded us and fired into the air on several occasions, they pullled my husband down out of the vehicle, between threats to kill him they beat him and threw him to the ground, "Here we catch you, fucking Indian, now we have all the orders to kill!, they said. My children up on seeing how they beat their dad, began to cry and clamored to leave him alone, in the dark they tried to get off the vehicle and flee, but the police when realizing that there were children inside, one of them ordered to stop and leave him be, "Because of your son you are saved, fucking Indian!" they said, the vehicle and all belongings were checked".

When consulting the Lonko Victor Queipul about this new outrage to his people, he stated emphatically that "for all these abuses, tortures and maltreatments that are occurring there are directly responsible, the government authorities, President, Home Secretary, intendant and governor, they have endorsed and ordered to start this treatment of the Mapuche people, but we, like our ancestors did, will resist and defend ourselves with whatever we have in our hands, we will not allow more abuses against our people, the Governor in his statements has pointed out that we are victimizing ourselves and lying, but we want to tell him that whatever happens in our community and where ever police officers commit abuses, if we have to give our lives for our people, then he shall have sole responsibility," he said.

Note that in the last 10 days the werkén Jaime Huenchullán has suffered 3 unjustified detentions, in addition to the tortures that they visited on Pablo Millanao, who is in very poor health.

By communications equipment Community Autonomous Temucuicui

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