Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Public Statement by Fernando Millacheo Marín, Mapuche Political Prisoner on Hunger Strike, Chile

To my Mapuche brothers, and the general public I inform the following:

Today January 19, I inform you of the lack of response of the public prosecutor regarding my indefinite liquid hunger strike, that I started Monday 24 December 2012, at 27 days on strike where I have lost considerably: 10kg,
since my application is super simple; I ask for a change of precautionary measures, as in the other trials onwards I have been acquitted, this is due to political persecution against me, for the fact of living in the community Chequenco in the town of Ercilla, ninth region, as well as for asserting myself as Mapuche, all of this is just for a setup where I say that one more time I have to prove my innocence before the courts.

-Weight at Start of the strike 60 kg (12/24/2012)
-Current Weight at 27days of Strike 50 kg. (19/01/2013)

1. - I am completely innocent of the charges against me.
2. - I demand a fair trial and due process, where also the procedures
are accelerated and that they allow me the right to defense.
3. - I request a change of precautionary measures.
4. - I join the just demand for the freedom of all Mapuche political prisoners.

Lof Chequenco, Fernando Millacheo Marín, Mapuche Political Prisoner.

Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners

Angol Prison, January 19, 2013

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