Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Lonko Luis Pailapichun Llefi, chief of the jurisdiction of Cuinco of Futawillimapu, visited early on Saturday morning December 29 the Mapuche-Williche Community Weichan Mapu who are currently in recovery of their lands usurped in 1991 of which they were dislodged by Coalition governments in full democracy.

In conversation with the Werken and members of the Mapuche community, he expressed his strong support and also called to stand firm and to not be intimidated by the presence of uniformed and plainclothes police, which at that hour of the morning made rounds and change of guards, on the other hand he pointed out that one should not trust politicians who come offering help when that the same have been those who have passed laws that incriminate community members today and hinder the process of the return of the usurped lands, this alluding to the visit of the member of parliament Fidel Espinosa, who in the opinion of the communities that support the territorial claims in the sector La Huacha, seek political prominence.

He also called on the director of the CONADI of Osorno, to present himself as soon as possible in the community and to expedite the transfer of lands that legally never, never were sold to the Dutch transnational corporation, San Luis SA Dairy Company.

The community members reported police harassment by the police of Puerto Varas, Frutillar and Casma, who on Friday afternoon December 28 set up a advanced post or headquarters at the main entrance to the community and from there they record the daily happenings of the community who on these days do farm work and maintenance of the land, another advanced post would be located on the banks of the river with plainclothes police, the community proves those facts, that they have to live with every day, with pictures. 

It should be recalled that on December 25 they were attacked by a mob of workers led by one of the caretakers who fired at the community members and also wounding the neck of one of the horses of the community.

For his part the worker argues that he was attacked and also the police from Puerto Varas says that they were called to control an attack by the community members to a company car, community members who would have been been drunk, as reported by police, this is belied by the families because at that time they did a routine proceeding of surveillance by the Community, when they met with the caretaker and employee of the company who insulted the Mapuche discriminatingly and threatened them with a weapon (shotgun) the community members also reacted with insults, the caretaker would have prepared the encounter to incriminate the Community and thus have the authorities call to evict them, because returning from the routine round of the community members they encountered about 15 workers armed with weapons and tools, it can not be ruled out that the attack on the vehicle was carried out by the same company workers, as they were prepared to shoot without any regard for the consequences.

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Written by Edgardo Collinao
Audiovisual Mapuche Communicator

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