Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Communiqué - Collective for the Freedom of The Mapuche Political Prisoners of Malleco, Chile

January 29, 2013


The Collective for the Freedom of The Mapuche Political Prisoners of Malleco - by this statement we denounced before the national and international public opinion that the Chilean government, through its policy of persecution and repression and using for their service the whole legal apparatus, once again has managed to deprive us of our freedom, this time accusing us of common crimes and, in the absence of evidence or witnesses, is keeping us in detention in the prison of Angol. 

In recent years, most of us have been prosecuted under the Anti-Terrorism Act and after spending months in jail, they have never been able to prove our guilt and we achieved our freedom temporarily. Despite this, the Chilean government has continued its prosecution by implementing strategies to accuse us as criminals, to imprison us and to delegitimize the territorial recovery process that we have assumed as Mapuche with our families and communities.

Denounce the fact that in this persecution the Chilean State is using corrupt prosecutors and police, who in these new processes have changed the old protected witnesses for alleged victims, who based on simple assumptions have denounced us for various offenses.

We want to make clear our innocence, as we have not participated in any of the facts that they charge us with, for we have no need to steal, nor to threaten, not of smallholders, or large landowners, not least of our own people and we reaffirm that our only goal is the recovery of our usurped ancestral territory.

Given these new strategies of repression of the Chilean State, we denounce that this persecution transcends even to our family and friends every time they visit us in this enclosure, who are photographed and recorded by the Investigations Police (PDI).

And also, without notice, we are moved secretly from the prison using large police operations to perform new formalizations. Thus our cell-mates and family are prevented from knowing our whereabouts for several hours.

Therefore we also denounce the Mapuche Criminal Defense as part of the Chilean State, who despite its supposed defense services, do not use the agreed time for a proper investigation that favors us, where in many cases have passed months without taking statements from our witnesses, without going to the scene, and sometimes restricting to only use the research conducted by the plaintiff and as a result we must spend more time in custody due to the extensions of time for the investigation.

Given these facts, we want to be emphatic in demanding of national and international organizations, who are interested in knowing the type of repression and persecution that the Chilean State applies to us, for example, members of the European Parliament who a few days ago visited this prison, to not fall into the game of dividing us and discriminate against us for being accused of common crimes, as Mapuche, we proudly carry out our process of resistance, together with our communities and once again, with our heads held high, we will fight to prove our innocence and uncover the new strategies of the State and their puppets of the Judicial Power.  

We call upon all peñi and lamgen to continue denouncing the injustices and violations by the State of Chile on the Rights of Children, the elderly, women and adults in our communities and we encourage all who are able to recognize our struggle and our ancestral rights, to move forward, screaming in the streets, visiting prisons and using different forms of protest.
For Freedom and the recovery of our Territory.
From the prison of Angol signing this statement:
Jorge Mariman Loncomilla
Bernardo Neculpan Huentecol,
Cristián Levinao Melinao,
Jaime Marileo Saravia,
Luis Marileo Cariqueo
Levinao Juan Esparza

January 29, 2013

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