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Autonomous Community Temucuicui summons Mayor of Araucanía for serious allegations and insults

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The mayor of the Araucanía region, Andres Molina, in an interview aired by regional TV channel TVN, on Saturday October 20, 2012, referred to the region of Temucuicui in derogatory terms, stating in that interview the following:

He indicates the autonomous community Temucuicui as being primarily responsible for the violence in the area of Ercilla.

He said that leaders of our community have gone abroad to negotiate the Mapuche conflict.

He underlines that the community of Temucuicui is a Mapuche community that has been most favored by the land transfer program.

Based on these statements, and considering the serious disqualifications, the Community today Tuesday October 23, 2012, sent a delegation headed by its traditional authorities who will present themselves in the intendancy of the city of Temuco, where they will demand to talk with the mayor about his allegations and to clarify to him what the approaches of the community are, and let him know its position on the 3 points which he states. "Considering the responsibilities for the violence that we have in the eyes of the mayor, we hope to be received tomorrow," they said.

They add: "Apparently the Mayor confuses violence and expressing our disagreement with the policies of the state, and especially the ADI Ercilla. It seems that our rejection of ADI makes us responsible for the violence occurring in the region. "They continue by saying: "Regarding the violence in the area, we also want to express our concern to the mayor about the massive police presence in the town of Ercilla, whose presence was intensified since the visit to Ercilla by President Sebastián Piñera. Since that time, our communities are even more militarized, resulting in violent raids and police checkpoints on rural roads."

About the trips abroad, they explain: "Indeed, our leaders have gone outside to raise our claims, to make known the acts of violence and repression against members of our community, as well as learn the rights of indigenous peoples recognized by international treaties, and supported by international institutions." 

Regarding the acquisition of land, they state: "Yes, it is true that we have been favored by the program of delivery of land, but we are not satisfied with pieces of land, because we are in a process of territorial reconstruction, it was time to to explain to the authorities what we mean by territory." 

Besides clarifying these three points, they are keen to us this moment to learn the views of the mayor on the acquittal of the community members in the "toll Quino" case, considering that they have been in detention for nearly two years in preventive detention, "we think it's time that the executive authorities, who have been part of this trial, respond in front of this injustice," they said. 

The delegation will be present on Tuesday October 23, 2012, at 11 am on the outskirts of the regional Municipality, where the Community authorities will give a press conference.
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