Friday, October 5, 2012

Police attack leaves 5 ​​injured in search for werkén in Temucuicui

Source: Alianza Territorial Mapuche


Today, October 4, 2012, at 13:00.  

While our community was meeting on the premises of the school and while our children were studying, the Chilean state military police have raided our community.

We denounce the special violence that has occurred in this raid: The troops have entered our homes shooting, seriously injuring faces and bodies, of our brothers Pedro Queipul (jaw and face), Margarita Marillán (chin and legs), and Marcelino Levicura (Next to the eye and his whole body). Who attended the post of Ercilla to take note of injuries, and subsequently, given the severity of their injuries, they were taken to hospital in Victoria, where at this time they are. Mayor severity of injuries has Marcelino Levicura, with pellets that could not be extracted from his body.

We call on the entire national and international community to be aware of this news that is still developing, since in our communities military personnel are entering now in a "camouflaged" manner, using civilian vehicles as means of transport, today they it did by using a farmers truck. The Intendant Andres Molina Magofky, the General of the Zone Ivan Vezmalinovic and the Prosecutor Luis Chamorro are the direct cause of these attacks, it is they who must respond with open face without the cowardice of weapons, and abandon the practice of "blackmail" towards our communities, where under all kinds of threats and undue pressure they seek to force the communities and their leaders to enter a absurd and backward failed policy called ADI (Indigenous Development Area) in the sector of Ercilla, supported only by 13 communities.


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