Thursday, October 11, 2012


Yesterday, Wednesday October 10, 2012, representing the European organizations that are collecting signatures to protest the state violence against Mapuche communities in Chile, I went to deliver the signatures collected so far here in the Chilean consulate in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

These Organizations are:
IL CERCHIO ONLUS (Italy) National Association for the Support of Native Peoples,
HARALD EDELSTAM (Sweden) European Commission on Human Rights and Ancestral Peoples
MARRICHIWEU (Germany) Cultural Association for the Human Rights of the Mapuche People
And the petition is found here:

I was received kindly by Consul Mr. Rodrigo Waghorn Gallegos, and we talked for almost an hour. He assured me several times that the doors are open, both from the consulate and the embassy, for anything I might need. We discussed the situation in the communities in the militarized zone. About the violence against the children, the women, the elderly and about the setups made by the prosecutors, of the inequality of justice that condemns the Mapuche for many years in improper judgments, using questionable faceless witnesses, while leaving unpunished the police who have killed Mapuche community members and smallholders threatening the Mapuche communities with weapons of war.
We talked about the situation of the strikers, their health condition, their reasons for starting a hunger strike, their demands, and of the lack of dialog by the government which so far has never gone to talk neither with the strikers nor with the communities of the area. I stressed that it is very urgent to immediately open a dialog with the strikers and with the communities to prevent a misfortune and to prevent further state violence.
Finally I delivered the letter with the nearly 4000 signatures and expressed the deep concern and indignation of many people of the situation suffered by the Mapuche People by a government of a country that claims to be a democracy and has signed and ratified international treaties such as the Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of the rights of the Child and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
The Consul assured me that he will tell all to the Ambassador and that he will give the letter with signatures to be send to the President of Chile. He also promised to make an appointment with the Ambassador to receive me at the embassy in The Hague.

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