Friday, October 12, 2012

Mapuche prisoners 46 days on hunger strike: We were taken by deception to hospital Concepción

October 11, 2012

The Chilean government maintains its logic of war against the Mapuche people in struggle and only responds to the protests with force. That is how it intends to quell the worthy hunger strike being carried out by the young Mapuche prisoners, with a forceful transfer from the jail of Angol to Concepción and threatening to force-feed them.

Thus it seeks to end the strike and to silence the demands for freedom of the peñi (brothers) who in turn call to persevere in the struggle to recover territory.


Kiñe (1): We report our kidnapping and the violation of our human rights we suffered on Wednesday October 10 of this year by the Gendarmes of the CDP Angol around 16.30 hours, telling us that they would take us to a routine check in a hospital of that city. This is where, after the control, they did not inform us what our destination was (thus starting a kind of despair, anger, doubt ... etc..). And we asked the staff of the Prison where we were going and they did not give us any answers. 

Epu (2): We present to the Mapuche people and to the civilians who support our cause that will go on with our protest;

Küla (3): Also we present our discontent of the health area of Araucanía, since they do not take into account the family situation of each one of us;

Meli (4): Therefore we will not lay aside our strike until they give us a solution to our demands and give us our freedom;

For my family and my people,

Mapuche Political Prisoners Wente Winkul Mapu

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