Friday, October 26, 2012

Mayor Molina closes the dialog with Mapuche of Temucuicui

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The mayor of the Araucanía region, Andres Molina, refused to talk with a delegation of the Autonomous Community Temucuicui who came today to the intendancy, in Temuco, to clarify the serious accusations that the regional authority had made against them.

The mayor Molina, a few days ago began a campaign of vilification of the community Temucuicui to the media, accusing them as "perpetrators of violence" in the area of Ercilla, of being "closed to dialog" and that they were traveling abroad to "sell" the Mapuche cause. According to him, this would be the reason of not responding to the call of the Piñera government to join the ADI Ercilla.

The delegation of traditional community authorities, the Lonko Victor Queipul, the Werkén Jorge Huenchullan and members of the community, came with the intention to clarify these allegations and to dialog with the the regional authority so that he found out firsthand what their vision is on the situation of the communities and the reasons for their rejection of ADI Ercilla.

However, the Mapuche of Temucuicui were not received by the the regional authority, who confined himself to sending the government SEREMI, Mauricio Ojeda, who attended the delegation on the street, outside the building of the Regional Inspectorate, to excuse the mayor alluding to him not having time to talk with them.

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