Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dry hunger strike causes drastic malnutrition in Mapuche Political Prisoners Temuco

Sunday October 21, 2012
Posted by Erasmo Tauran | The Information is from Luis Vergara

The five Mapuche on hunger strike in the prison of Temuco have lost more than 8 kilos in 21 days of fasting. And since Friday they ingest neither liquids nor solids demanding a transfer to the penitentiary of Angol.

The total fasting of the Mapuche defendants began after the National Gendarmes refused the request for transfer to Angol prison of the five community members detained in the prison in Temuco.

The defendants Leonardo Quijón, Guido Bahamondes, Cristian Levinao, Luis Marileo and the convicted Fernando Millacheo, stopped drinking fluids generating an accelerated weight loss and a marked decompensation in their physical condition, said Carolina Marileo.

The spokeswoman said they have exhausted all the instances before the Gendarmes, who claimed that there are political actors who prevent the move that would enable the Mapuche to be visited in their place of preventive detention.

Aches in the back, chest and muscle, specifically in the precordial area, continuous headaches and abdominal cramps are the effects reported by Dr. Eduardo Catrileo who visits them daily in the module that
conceals them.

Meanwhile, the regional director of the Araucanía Gendarmes Oscar Gonzalez instructed the attorney to process an application for protection on behalf of the five community members on hunger strike before the Court of Appeals.  

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