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Hunger strikers in Angol repudiate the ADI and evaluate dry strike "to assume a dignified death"

Source: http://paismapuche.org/?p=5631
October 22, 2012


The political prisoners from the community Wente Winkul Mapu of Lof Chekenco: Paulino Levipan Coyán, Daniel Levinao Montoya, Rodrigo Montoya Melinao and their spokesman Eric Montoya Montoya, we want to say to the national and international public opinion that we repudiate and condemn the actions of the Chilean capitalist state against our people.

The visit of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera in Mapuche territory has no other purpose than to demonstrate the power of the government of Chile, oppressor against our oppressed people, but at the same time demonstrating a profound mistake and ineptitude, at thinking to make us back down from the idea of ​​recovery of our land and our rebuilding as a people- nation, believing with this that he intimidates us.

Just remind the Chilean State that those who are fighting today are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who fought for this land against his invading army only 130 years ago and that our children and grandchildren are the ones who will recover what is looted and stolen.

We believe that addressing the historic struggle of our people by the state with the creation of development areas, belongs to the same strategy of always and aims with it to wash its national and international image, to continue repressing the communities that are resisting and recovering their territory. The areas of development and the resources have no other purpose than to strengthen the domination of the state over our communities.

The communities must understand that the state provides resources thanks to those who have fought, because they made the problems of misery and poverty of our people visible. 

That although many communities do not share the decided manner of the struggle for the territory, the political negotiations must always think about the future of our people, in their autonomy and in the recovery of territory, because it is useless to have projects if you have no where to develop themit is no use having projects if we do not with our own work maintain what we conquered. It is no use having projects if we have our peñi undergoing repression and imprisonment.

We should always think of ourselves as a people, as a family. And as young people who are dignifying this fight, we understand that leaving this state of poverty does not mean it has to be AT ALL COSTS. Therefore we reject the opportunism and the usage of the discourse of the fight that some use with such ease for taking possession of dominance in the media or in organizations such as Conadi and ADI.

These opportunists are not loath to give the state a hand to cleanse its face before the international community,
running to negotiate to the offices of the authorities, while the peñi are fighting.

We repudiate the actions of Juan Carlos Curinao and Domigo Marileo. We all know who these people are, also their communities and firmly believe that they do not exercise any pressure on the State, as they say, on the contrary, their words speak from a place of complacency with the State, while the people who fight undergo repression and imprisonment.


We also want, with the strength that we have left, summon the Medical College to take charge of the issue of the hunger strikes, that it speaks out loudly and decisively. We want them to denounce or to speak out in favor of the State. We want them to leave the silent complicity that has it providing all the tricks that the state uses to separate us and breaking our measure of pressure with total impunity. 

We also inform you that although the days pass, no authority has come to learn from our own mouths what our demands are, let alone wanting to provide a solution to this strike.

Finally, we support the hunger strike of our peñi in Temuco, their demands that have to do with the right of everyone to be near their family, having a fair trial and respect for the presumption of innocence. We are also evaluating the issue of a dry hunger strike and thus all assume a dignified death.

We warn the State that this fight will not be in vain, that this strike will continue until the end. That what we demand is justice for the Mapuche cause and we will not rest until we achieve it.

Because neither imprisonment nor death will stop our struggle for the freedom and territory of our Mapuche Nation.

political prisoners Wente Winkul Mapu

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