Friday, October 19, 2012


Thursday October 18, 2012

We pointed out firstly that the Ministry of the Interior, led by Rodrigo Hinzpeter, led an studied intelligence operation in order to destabilize and divide the mobilization of the brothers on hunger strike.

First, they compelled the gendarmes to act beyond all legality violating the rights of the prisoners on hunger strike, having them transferred by deception, which can be denounced as torture and kidnapping exercised by the Chilean state.

The hospital director of Concepción, Sergio Opazo, and the deputy director, Julian Torrijos, became a part of this offense, since from the point of view of health care, the transfer to the hospital had no medical justification.

The objective of this action of the Chilean state is none other than trying to demobilize and emotionally and physically harming our brothers and their families. But on the contrary, it generated a greater conviction in our brothers and their just demands both in the process, as well as for the Mapuche Nation.  

These are: 

A mistrial in the case of Paulino Levipan and Daniel Levinao.

The application of Convention 169 and conventions signed by Chile.

An end to the use of protected witnesses in Mapuche cases.

No more raids on Mapuche communities and an immediate end to police violence against children, women and elderly.  
We want the demilitarization of Mapuche territory.

Freedom for all Mapuche political prisoners and the return of the territory to our communities.

We want to denounce also the violent repression exercised by the militarized police of Concepción in the various manifestations, such as repression of marches and constant harassment and beatings to their families when they were arrested, being left in evidence the Chilean state's interest to suppress and cancel our just demands as a people.

The most concrete example was the raid today, with over a hundred policemen cordoning off the hospital with Skunks, Guanacos, GOPE troops and special forces police to enforce the Chilean state's destabilizing strategy through its war minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter, against the community, their families and hundreds of people who gathered to support our brothers in their already 54 days on Hunger Strike.



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