Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mapuche Prisoners in Temuco will start DRY Hunger Strike while Gendarmes want to force feed them

October 17, 2012

Transfer denied of Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike in Temuco

Just after 13:00 pm on Wednesday, it was confirmed that the five community members who are on hunger strike in the prison of Temuco, will not be transferred to the the prison compound in Angol.

When they reach 18 days in fasting, asking their transfer to Angol, and after the efforts of the Regional Bureau for Gendarmes realized before the National Directorate it has been stated that this request for transfer from the prison in Temuco is not authorized, Radio Biobio reported.

The 5 strikers are Leonardo Quijón, Guido Bahamondes, Cristian Levinao, Luis Marileo and Fernando Millacheo who have lost on average between 9 and 12 kilos.

Mapuche Prisoners in Temuco want to start DRY HUNGER STRIKE whereas Gendarmes want to force feed them

October 17, 2012 
The five Mapuche prisoners in Temuco announced that early Friday morning they will cease to drink water, which will aggravate their health in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, Gendarmes will appeal for a protective measure to force-feed them.

The legal action seeks to force-feed the hunger strikers and the transfer to a hospital, which would be presented in the coming days in the Court of Appeals of Temuco, said the director of the Prison in the Araucania Region, Carlos Cortes to the SoyTemuco website.

Remember that this is the second application for protection filed by Gendarmes, after that justice accommodated a similar measure for the four Mapuche prisoners who are admitted to the hospital in Concepción. 

Luis Marileo, Leonardo Quijón, Fernando Millacheo, Guido Bahamondes and Cristian Levinao ask as the main demand the transfer to the Angol prison, where the other Mapuche political prisoners are and where they are closer to their communities. 

Given the refusal of the transfer and the possible force-feeding, the Mapuche begin at 00:00 pm on Friday, a dry hunger strike, that is, they will not consume either food or water, which within hours will seriously aggravate their health.


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