Wednesday, February 13, 2013

22 Mapuche were arrested and will be formalized for supporting hunger striker Fernando Millacheo, Chile

February 12, 2013

With 22 detainees (20 according to police) ended the clashes between community members of Chekenco and militarized police during the review hearing of the precautionary measures of Fernando Millacheo, who fulfills 51 days on hunger strike.

The police onslaught began early, when at about 10 am police arrested the werken of Temucuicui Jaime Huenchullán and a French visitor.

Later a strong contingent of Special Forces besieged the families,
in majority of the community Newen Mapu of Chequenco, who accompanied Fernando Millacheo, Mapuche political prisoner in the jail of Angol, whose review hearing of the precautionary measures was postponed to Friday 15.

The harassment by militarized police led to a confrontation where special forces
unleashed their violence against the group of community members, regardless of there being present women and children. 22 were arrested, including several who will be formalized on Wednesday 13, for various crimes that the police formulated.

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