Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Public Statement Mapuche community Maria Colipi, Chile

Source:  http://paismapuche.org/?p=6652
February 26, 2013
Tirúa: Mininco meets Community Maria Colipi as they continue territorial recovery

On Saturday February 23, the Community Maria Colipi widow of Maril entered to recover the Fundo Labranza, Mapuche ancestral territory now in the hands of Forestry Mininco in the area of Quidico, Tirúa commune.

The families began work and live in these lands that were taken from them. These are 1,800 acres of the 13,000 that were part of this community, according to what was reported in a previous statement.

They ask for a dialog with Mininco and this Monday 25 a representative of the company approached the villagers. They caution though, that in any case they have come to stay in their territory.


Today February 25, we have achieved that a representative of the company Mininco forestry, Héctor Cruz, has come to listen to our requests, which are:
1) The total recovery of Fundo Labranza.
2) We will not negotiate our lands.
3) We will not leave until there is a concrete solution.
4) We do not want more militarization within the Territory of the Mapuche Nation.

The representative of the company Mininco forestry asked us two days to get the manager of the company to come to the land in recovery or to say when he will come.
If the manager of Mininco does not come, we, the Mapuche community Maria Colipi the widow of Maril, will continue to work our land to plant and harvest our food.


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