Thursday, February 14, 2013

PHOTOS & VIDEO - Arrest and release of Mapuche community members, including many minors, attending Hearing of Mapuche Political Prisoner on hunger strike, Chile

Text and most photos by Rossana Villavicencio Derio 

Over 20 detainees resulted from incidents at Collipulli Court

After 11:00 am on Tuesday, in the Court of Collipulli, began the audience that should revise the precautionary measures for Fernando Millacheo, community member from Chekenko already 51 days on hunger strike ...

These pictures were taken on 12/02/2013, at the Court and during the transfer from the Hospital of Angol, to the 1st precinct of this city, where the community members, men, women and children, stayed until their formalization the next day. Only the minor of 12 years was released and handed over to his father. The Police Commander of Angol, authorized me to go in and take pictures in the micro that made the transfer, in spite of this a policeman tried to refuse, during the course of this, for me to stay on, trying to overrule the order of his superior, and trying to discredit my credentials and work as a Human Rights Observer, which I denounced immediately.

It was difficult to enter the courtroom the next morning, as the Magistrate, Mr. Claudio Campos, initially refused to authorize access. After claiming the right to be present as an Observer, I was finally cleared and I could record the following pictures:

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