Thursday, February 28, 2013

Statement by the mother of Emilio Berkhoff, political prisoner for the Mapuche cause, Chile

February 26, 2013
By Opal Chile Press
At 9 DAYS OF HUNGER STRIKE by Emilio Berkhoff, political prisoner for the Mapuche cause, we share the words of his mother after her visit today to Angol prison.

"Dear friends,
I share with joy that on Tuesday we visited with our Emilio, almost all the family. There was a beautiful sun, see how it shines the same for everyone! And as the bars do not prevent its passage, with it we shared the freedom and joy of being together, loving and respecting one another.

Emilio is as he is known, fair, peaceful and confident that he has done no wrong although those with power by all means try to create setups to the contrary.  
I tell him of all the solidarity, of the friends of yesterday renewed today! So many people who do not know and who are united in the desire for justice.
Regarding the hunger strike and his demands, we continue to believe that the rights are earned, he is a political prisoner! And let no one say otherwise! 
It is urgent to extend his visiting hours, his family makes long hours on the road to be only two hours with him. His small children should be protected having their father for a greater span of time at their side
Emilio is on hunger strike demanding his rights and I ask everyone to do the same out here, using the many social networks and never not stop denouncing wrongs.
A big hug to everyone and thank you for the support."

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