Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two Mapuche women injured with buckshot and one detainee resulted from a police attack in Lleu Lleu, Chile

February 23, 2013

Militarized troops of the Investigations Police attacked the home of a family of the community Nicolás Calbullanca, in the area of Lleu Lleu, shooting two women and taking prisoner a man who tried to defend them.

The incident occurred at about 19:30 pm on Friday, February 22, when with a heavy deployment, the police entered the house supposedly looking for a "fugitive from justice", without finding him.

But to justify their actions they shot in a cowardly manner at two women of the family Millape Antilao, who cried for help, and were rescued by Osciel Santi Paine (32), who was brutally beaten by the armed officers, being arrested and later formalized in Cañete for "aggression against 4 PDI officials."  

The community member was released with a fortnightly signing injunction with a term of three months for investigations, to then face the corresponding trial.

According to the information by Radio Bio Bio, the wounds of the women and of the community member were seen in the hospital of Cañete.

Yet another example of the daily police harassment in every corner in the Mapuche territory of Arauco, where militarized police and PDI, uniformed and civilian, beset entire families with the idea of ​​punishing them for the work of 
territorial and cultural reclamation by the communities.   

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