Thursday, February 28, 2013

PUBLIC STATEMENT by Mapuche Community Newen Mapu, Chile

With great joy we want to share the welcome of our Lonko Juan Ciriaco Millacheo


From Chequenco Lof, Community Newen Mapu, we communicate to the national and international public opinion, to Chilean social organizations, to the communities in resistance and our people Mapuche nation, the following:

Kiñe: With great joy we want to share the welcome of our Lonko Juan Ciriaco Millacheo back to his Community, after the long and difficult nine years of hiding and worthy resistance facing the unjust sentence imposed by the bosses of this country.

Epu: Our Lonko Millacheo had been convicted under the Anti-Terrorism Act to 10 years and one day in prison, within the framework of the trial for the burning of the farm Pidenco-Poluco in 2004, a trial riddled with evident irregularities, that today is about to be reviewed by the Inter American Court of Human Rights, where there will be aired all the lies and setups which led to to convicting the Mapuche fighters.

Kila: Having been arrested in Argentina, in a irregular joint operation of the repressive forces of the two countries, he was put on the Chilean border, without mediating any of the usual procedures in such cases,

reminding us of the old times when for the repressive forces of the southern cone the borders did not exist at the moment of pursuing and assassinating those who fought to overcome this inhuman system that governs us.

Meli: Our Lonko came to be 25 days imprisoned in the prison of Angol, sharing with the young community members of our Lof who are in the prison, awaiting trials after "investigations" riddled with lies, based on paid protected witnesses, processes directed by the racist anti-Mapuche prosecutor Chamorro.

Kechü: Having revised his procedural situation, the court of Collipulli accepted the thesis of the defense as he was accredited the half prescription of the penalty, dictating a sentence of 800 days, which must be met in freedom with a monthly signature.

Kayü: We gratefully acknowledge the great solidarity of the Mapuche communities, of the poor and anonymous, Mapuche and non-Mapuche, on either side of the artificial border with Argentina, who over the years have provided shelter, support and care to our ancestral authority.

Without the support and kindness of hundreds of the nobodies of our territory, it would have been impossible to resist so many years in productive hiding.

Regle: We reaffirm in this occasion our commitment to continue the fight with a dignified people, resisting the attempts of the Chilean state to make us disappear, with the example of resistance of the Lof Chequenco, willing to keep their demands despite any threat or judicial setup.

 The resistance of a people who fight for their identity, is no terrorism, no crime!!!! 
Stop the States lies to imprison Mapuche!!!! 

February 27, 2013, Community Newen Mapu Lof Chequenco.  

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