Friday, March 1, 2013

Machi of Cholchol and Mapuche leader condemn new law on tobacco for its lack of respect for the traditions affecting ceremonies that are performed as a People, Chile

Mapuche Councilor Ana Llao, reacted to the statements of the Machi Gustavo Curillán, who criticized the new Act on Tobacco and the lack of a reaction by Mapuche leaders and authorities.

The Machi of the commune of Chol Chol, Gustavo Curillan, said that in the law the ceremonies of native people were not considered, since the traditional Mapuche authorities use tobacco as part of their culture, noting that there is a contradiction, since the authorities often invite them to perform ceremonies in enclosed spaces, such as schools or gyms. The Machi clarified, however, that this is not about defending the consumption of tobacco, but the use of it in ceremonies.

The national council member said that she did not know the law, although she said that she shared the criticism made by Machi ​​Curillán, therefore she assumes her responsibility, but equally attributed it to the parliamentarians.

She also stated that she found the statements of Temuco SEREMI Health regarding the law ambiguous, where the law includes even the Cemetery of the city and indicated that there is a responsibility of this service which has not added comments to the regulations
so as not to imping upon the indigenous traditions.

Ana Llao together with Machi Gustavo Curillán share that the law
affects them as to the ceremonies that are carried out by the Mapuche people, like for example in medicine.

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