Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Statement by the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén on the demise of Lonko Cristina Lincopan, Argentina

Zapala, March 15, 2013

Mari mari pu lamgen,
Mari mari pu peñi,
Pu wehvy,

To all the Mapuce communities, 
To the whole population:

We communicate with deep sorrow and great indignation the death of our Lonko Cristina Lincopan, of the Lof Gelay Ko.
March 14, 2013 at 8 am, our lamgen ceased to exist physically as a result of a pulmonary hypertension which she had in her last days waiting for a lung transplant.

Cristina was only thirty years, but her health was very poor in recent years, as well as that of her entire family, in a place surrounded by oil companies where there is no longer any drinking water, and there is a permanent pollution of air and land . She dedicated her young life to protect her health and that of her people from the abuse of ambition that oil companies are generating in the center of the Province of Neuquén.

Mother of four girls, Lonko Cristina Lincopan regained her community, and since assuming her role of Mapuche authority, has led the fight to defend the territory against the Apache Oil company, and the new methodology of Hidro-fracking. It was in her community (Gelay Ko) where they constructed the first well with this methodology that is destroying the province. And it was thanks to her fight that in her territory they did not return to drill any more wells.

That is her legacy.The defense of Waj Mapu, the water and health of the whole population.

We demand urgently clarification of the cause of death of our
Lonko, today we filed a complaint with the
Prosecution of Zapala for this reason.

We urge that the health of her daughters and the families of that territory be protected, that there be performed examinations to determine already the implementation of the much-promised medical treatment for the population of the communities affected by the oil industry.  

That the contamination be stopped of the community territories, of the Zapala aquifer, the rivers and of the whole population of Neuquén.

This is our main demand to the oil companies and the state.

Today more than ever we will make
our knowledge happen. For every one that falls ten will rise ...

Marichi wew! Ten times we shall overcome!
Cristina Lincopan lives tenfold!

Lonko Elias Maripan

Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén

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