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País Mapuche, February 1, 2013

Public statement by the Mapuche Territorial Alliance

1. In the current scenario, we consider that the urgent public issue for the Mapuche Nation remains the militarized and judicial repression, now extended to Vilcún and Rio Bueno, holding the trials and convictions without evidence against several Machi, Werkén and other peñi. We know the way that they make raids to communities, where they hit you bloody, point a gun at you and torture in cold blood to infants, children and adolescents, destroying houses, destroying houses, the Rehue of the Machi, their lawen, the cookers. Many of the raids and beatings have not been denounced and are unknown to most, because of the fear and of the labor dependency of some of those affected. Along with this, the constant police control of ID and revisions to vehicles and pedestrians, focused on the areas of the greatest Mapuche demands , recognized as a violation of fundamental human rights by experts in the field, showing the techniques of psychological warfare. On a visit to Chile, members of the European Parliament have repeatedly stated that this state violates human rights of the Mapuche, without receiving any response from the rulers. Consequently, the presence of observers of United Nations human rights is essential in the territory.

2. Since early January, the government and the Chilean political class reinstalled their periodical media show, through alleged encounters for dialog in which the ministers pronounce themselves as spokespersons of the Mapuche Nation and its longings, endorsing with the political elite a supposed Development Plan and a Consultation Act, which as usual is more of the same, more money to impose their model of consumption and a consultation mechanism that guarantees the destruction of the natural environment by mining companies. They dream also of a council of indigenous peoples where, in the present conditions, there would be only a table of representatives of the Chilean political parties entrenched in the First Nations, along with legitimizing the lack of knowledge of the rights of the Mapuche Nation at including it in the subordinate category regarding of the other nations called "indigenous". The Plan of "Development" - its destructive idea of ​​quality of life - would be directed to Chileans and Mapuche and "to to encourage investment and employment." That's just an assimilation plan that takes advantage of today's sensitivity to achieve electoral gains, trying to submerge the Mapuche under an eminently invader concept: "Araucanía". How to believe in the good intentions, parliamentarians like Saffirio, who from the town of Temuco bleating in the 90 opposing, on behalf "of progress", the right of communities to opine on the Bypass that was being planned on the lands east of the Cautín river, the same character who then, in 2000, without any relationship, makes himself part of the case against the brothers accused of "theft".

3. It is evident that a government in its final months has no legislative, programmatic nor budgetary chance to change one iota of its current policy. Nevertheless they carry out ​​huge expenditures on transfers of ministers to inconducive meetings in our territory.

4. A convenient forgetfulness about the destruction of the social and political structure as a result of the genocide and the invasion means that foreign players disdainfully wonder with whom they will talk in the Mapuche world for an effective dialog. As always, the governments raise through all the means of communication figures "more ready to negotiate" (friends) with "alternative" messages and eventually with "breakthrough" proposals -identifiable by their zero-action-consequences in these days-, ending on the same desk where they started. These figures move in and out of the meetings, longing for the press. We know that the only time when the Mapuche are in all media without intervention by the Chilean Interior Ministry is when we are accused of a crime.

 5. Pu Lof mapu Xawun, Mapuche Territorial Alliance, has not been nor will be in any summit nor "dialog" such as those that have been held. Our last fvta xawun was in October, marching in the streets of Temuco with thousands for the freedom of all political prisoners. In the event that we would decide to participate in any conversation with proven usefulness for everyone, it shall be communicated by our known Werkén, those who have maintained an action consistent with our values ​​and analysis, who remind us every day that Mapuche rights and the sorrows of the repressed are not negotiable. As always there will be plenty who talk all they want, some even in our name, others will describe us as "unclear ideology", for not making the Mapuche thoughts a media object, for not telling them what we try to learn each nvxam.

6. It is more than demonstrated that the only thing that moves the Winka powers and compels them to react, even with its basic and barbarous jargon, is the mobilization and the exercise of our rights at all levels. We do not stay in the dream of the desirable historical leaps, but rather we check every day first the impact on the transformation of our own behavior and then on the strengthening of the processes that the kimvn teaches, slow and durable processes. Therefore we call on everyone to keep learning, reflecting and in permanent action, and to not be swayed by invitations where they manipulate your photo, your presence, to legitimize an alleged involvement. At the same time attention must be paid and the various maneuvers to generate mistrust and tensions within communities and organized groups denounced, which aim to demobilize the territorial recovery. We are touring the Lof, receiving their thoughts, supporting with respect the horizontal protagonism of each one of them. In parallel, we are going through a tough judiciary time for our spokesman, who had to go into hiding while clarifying the groundlessness of the accusations. Many others of our peñi have been processed and have received concentrated state violence. We call on you to also be vigilant on February 18, when they start the new trial against our werken Mijael Carbone Queipul.

Fenxen Newen pu peñi pu lamgen.
Amulepe taiñ weichan !
Marrichiwueu !
Marrichiweu !



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