Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Resolution revoked which sidelined the Prosecution in trial against Mapuche minors accused of setting fire to truck, toll Quino case, Chile

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Second Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Temuco overturned a decision by the judge of Guarantee of Victoria, Marianela Chacur, who had last year excluded the Public Prosecutor in the preparations of the trial against two Mapuche minors, one of the community Autonomous Temucuicui and other of the community Cacique José Guiñon, both of the town of Ercilla, in the case publicly and emblematicaly known as the assault on the Quino tollbooth .

The judges of the Court of Appeals in its resolution, said that the preparation of trial where the prosecution was sidelined in November last year, is a different hearing to the one carried out against the adults in the same case.
In that instance the prosecution was unable to participate because they refused to remove from the charge the section on the context of terrorism and the use of protected witness Raul Castro Antipán.

The Court Of Guarantee must conduct a new trial preparation regarding the minors, where the Home Office can not participate because its lawyers asked earlier to dismiss the case.  

Consulting Lonko Victor Queipul Huaiquil, he said that with this new resolution it is clearly demonstrated that the Chilean State through this government, only seeks to continue the practice of Judicial-political persecution against our community, given that in recent days they have severely hit our community by transferring the political prisoners Camilo Toris Quiñinao and Omar Huenchullan from the prison of Angol to Concepción and lately by revoking the decision of the Court of Victoria in dismissing definitely the case where several of our members remained imprisoned for several years and subsequently were acquitted in the toll Quino case, Now our minors will again be prosecuted and face the same trial, but we want to be emphatic in saying that we will also continue to demonstrate the innocence of our children.

Mapuche Communication Team

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