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Collipulli: Mapuche Community Mallekoche starts recovery of territory from large estate, forestry company and police property, Chile

February 27, 2013

The Mapuche community Mallekoche - Lof Mariluan, of Bajo Malleco, Collipulli, issues the following public statement, to the national and international community:

1. - The Mapuche Community Mallekoche - Lof Mariluan: Today February 27, 2013, we have initiated a territorial recovery process, which includes properties that are in the hands of private owner Nelson Patricio Herdenes Gonzáles, the surface of which is 270 ha. The Estate usurped by the State of Chile, where there is situated a post of the militarized police, has an area of ​​27 ha.. And another of the properties is usurped by the Catholic Church "Reverendo padre Franciscano" of Collipulli, to the latter are added the estate of the forestry companies Mininco, Arauco and Masisa which total amount to 10,000 hectares.

2. - The Mapuche Community Mallekoche made itself present in each of the locations to make delivery of the letter which notifies the territorial demand that is initiated against the individual Nelson Herdenes, the Catholic Church and the situation worsened when the document was delivered to the militarized police, it was at this moment that a strong contingent of special forces was installed in place to suppress the actions that the community was undertaking. It should be noted that the claim against the institution of militarized police sets a precedent in the area, as it embodies for the first time something of this nature against this institution of the State of Chile, an institution which permanently suppresses the Mapuche people.

In connection with the individual Nelson Herdenes, he was taken by surprise with the situation, but his reaction depends on the willingness of the state in wanting to buy the land.

Meanwhile the Catholic Church, the latter did not agree to receive us, therefore we do not know its willingness to address the demand.

Regarding the forestry companies, these stayed pending for a later activity which is framed within the territorial recovery process.

3. - The Mapuche Community Mallekoche - Lof Mariluan: By this act, the community initiates the process of territorial recovery and makes it clear that our claim is supported by irrefutable historical antecedents and absolutely present, both in the collective memory of our people and as written historical facts. It should be mentioned that the dispossession of our lands was made during the misnamed pacification of Araucanía, another history that our people had to suffer, the slaughter that is now known as the carnage, a deed that took place on the ancient road to the village Mininco about two miles from the city of Collipulli.

For these painful and tragic histories, our generation, together with our community, will take the necessary measures to reclaim the lands seized by the state and subsequently delivered to individuals and the Catholic Church.

Communicated by Mapuche community Mallekoche - Lof Mariluan.

Freedom for the Mapuche political prisoner Rodrigo Montoya

Wall-mapu: Collipulli, February 27, 2013.


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