Saturday, March 2, 2013

Public statement: FORESTRY MASISA S.A. illegally destroys land of the Mapuche community Felipe Nitrihuala in Loncoche, Chile

March 1, 2013
By Apoyo Al Pueblo Mapuche Valparaíso

The Mapuche Community Felipe Nitrihuala of the territory of Loncoche, informs the general public:
That on Friday, February 22, on a routine patrol we noticed an invasion of our territory by the company Masisa S.A. This company without authorization opened a road, with heavy machinery, on our ancestral territory.

At going to the site and informing the workers, who identified themselves as belonging to company Masisa, that the land is ours, the operator said that if we allowed no further work they would leave the place, what we stressed them most to take care of was not to continue because they were about to move into a historically sacred place, destined for the game of Palin, simultaneously to their withdrawal we left the place.

At dusk, we returned to the site and observed to our tragedy, that the operator together with militarized police of the Station of La Paz destroyed the PALIWE (field for Palin).

It should be recalled that the Community Felipe Nitrihuala since many years has been fighting for the recovery of our territory, in 1997 CONADI already decided to resolve the territorial dispute under Article 20-B, but to this day a solution fails to materialize, as our lands still remain usurped and in the hands of the companies Forestal Arauco S.A., Masisa S.A., Fernando Espejo Zuniga (brother of former Minister Espejo of the Supreme Court and a militant of the R.N.).  

On the other hand the intendant and Conadi have the executive order to solve this problem. 

On Friday afternoon we went to CONADI, however there did not show up a concrete proposal to resolve the territorial dispute by which our community is affected.

Edith Carileo Martinez                                        Ana Carileo Martinez
President of the Community                                Lonko of the Community

Friday February 22, 2013

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