Sunday, March 3, 2013

Public Statement Ancestral Authorities of Füta WilliMapu against malicious statements of Minister of the Interior of the Chile

We express the most forceful rejection of the insidious and malicious statements expressed by Mr. Andres Chadwik in his capacity as Minister of the Interior of the Chilean Government, who has publicly accused and condemned various Mapuche brothers and sisters maliciously and with only Political chicanery, surpassing, pressuring, questioning, reviling and inducing the courts to incriminate whoever he wants as Mapuche terrorist and dangerous, thus giving leeway to police abuse and a true manhunt undertaken by the so called Public Prosecution to arrest, torture and frame our Mapuche brothers and sisters as dangerous laggards to this so called Chilean society.

All these actions are not the result of chance, it is no surprise to see the SOFOFA declaring in the press media as victims of the situation to protect the complicity with the rulers and justify the power of the state to protect their tainted interests repressing the people, wanting to appear the good side of this country, when we all know that the real accomplices and murderers of the democratic voice of the people are the same that today govern; This statement is evidenced by the setup that affects our peñi Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao, son of our Ancestral Authority Lonko Juana Calfunao, who was incriminated as one of the most dangerous of the Mapuche for absconding the country, yet our brother met with all legal permits to exit and return to the country by a certain date, this in order to attend an invitation by members of the European Parliament.

The national and international public opinion should be aware that the community Juan Pailallef carries five generations of fight to defend their land and from these generations has been suffering the brunt of the state with their families imprisoned, tortured and murdered, a story that is repeated now with this kind of persecution, which today affects with another attempt to imprison our peñi Waikilaf, and in this scenario it is that we declare firmly and emphatically that we will sharpen our mobilizations to demand the justice and rights that our people deserve. 

Our Mapuche Nation "Walmapu Mapuche" is undeniably a people who have existed since thousands of generations in this country and that it is as alive as in those times in which the Western colonizers began the bloody and genocidal invasion, to impose their culture, religiosity, laws, economic models, and about which we have fought tirelessly to keep firm our lives and ancestral existence as the Mapuche we are, and for which we demand the respect we deserve as people, human beings, children descendants of this land.

The rulers of the Chilean state today are well aware that their actions and thoughts are just trying to appease that painful debt to our people, meanwhile we declare that our people will never give up the legitimate right to exist and recover our land rights because they are part of our Human Rights.

The persecution and imprisonment of our ancestral authorities and of Mapuche brothers and sisters only has given rise to our feelings and enthusiasm for the territorial, political, economic and cultural self-determination of our People Nation, it is for this reason that we welcome and declare our persecuted and imprisoned brothers and sisters as political prisoners. Members of our self-governing Mapuche Nation and to them we express our strongest and unconditional support along with our our ancestral authorities, our protests will not cease, our convictions grow, because we know very well that this state will finally understand that the dignity and rights of the people and its Peoples must be respected.  

The stigmatization and indictment done to ​​our ancestral Authorities pu Machi ka Zugu Machi, others arrested defenders of the sacred space Kintuante in the river Pilmaiquen who are detained in the prison of Valdivia is a provocative situation and aggravating the fair treatment which our People deserve and has motivated that the communities are very attentive and willing to mobilize for proving the innocence of the Mapuche political prisoners and for that we offer to undertake all possible actions to obtain their freedom for them.

The Mapuche-Williche People are present active and very strong in this noble mission for the cause and claims the ancestral rights of the Mapuche Nation signing onwards: March 2, 2013.

- Eric Vargas Quinchaman, Lonko Lofche “Willilafkenche” Futa Willimapu
- Cristian Chiguay, Lonko Mayor Consejo Comunidades de Quellon, Chiloe
- Daniel Caniullan Huentel, Lonko Comunidad Pu Huapi Melinka region e Aquí Aysén

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