Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mapuche Political Prisoner Ramón Llanquileo starts new LIQUID HUNGER STRIKE, Chile

Wednesday March 27, 2013

Ramón Llanquileo Pilquiman, Mapuche Political Prisoner of the CAM, is punished by the Chilean Gendarmes. He is held in a state of isolation in tower 10, of the prison for high security, that is to say, in the Concessioned Prison El Manzano II. Probably together with highly dangerous common prisoners or in solitary confinement.
It should be noted that in the Public Prison El Manzano I the Gendarmes installed a special module (10) similar to the one in Angol, for those community members and Mapuche political prisoners already convicted, where they should have taken Llanquileo, however, he was punished for breaking with his parole measures by not returning from his weekend in liberty, a decision he made in order to denounce the unjust sentence that affects the Mapuche political prisoners.

In the Public Prison El Manzano I there is also another module (9) where the common prisoners with good behavior, which were not transferred to the Concessioned Prison El Manzano II, after the earthquake and fire of February 27.

Finally note that, with the arrival of the community members and Mapuche political prisoners, the headquarters of the gendarmes of the Center for Correctional Enforcement (CCP) of Concepción was completely restructured, including change of Warden, Operating Chief and Internal Chief, conducted by three commanders. The new leadership has indicated that it "will not make differences between prisoners in Chile because there are no political prisoners".
This led to a series of conflicts with family and visitors of the community members because of the constant harassment and violation of agreements on visitation and treatment.

Collective in Support of Mapuche political prisoners-CAM Concepción

PUBLIC STATEMENT by Ramón Llanquileo Pilquiman, Mapuche Political Prisoner of the CAM 

To the national and international public opinion, to my Mapuche Nation

1. As is known to all, these days I have had to return once again the political prison, this time isolated and silenced in
the prison CCP-Bio Bio. All produced by political pressure from the executive branch of this fascist government that does not hesitate to assume the defense of the interests of large economic groups and transnational oligarchies of which they are lackeys and agents.

2. With their actions, they also seek to silence and delegitimize our just, historical demands for territory and autonomy, and in my case, they are seeking to break my will to fight and silence my voice.

3. In the wake of all this, today, once again I have started a liquid hunger strike of an indefinite nature, demanding my transfer to the prison of El Manzano I in Concepción, where there is a module for community members and Mapuche political prisoners.

Ramón Llanquileo Pilquiman  
Mapuche Political Prisoner of the CAM

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