Saturday, March 2, 2013

New public statement by the Mapuche community Maria Colipi widow of Maril, Chile

The Community Maria Colipi widow of Maril, greets the whole Mapuche Nation and its communities in resistance.

We report that on Saturday February 23 of this year, we entered to regain our ancestral lands, which are now held by Forestry Mininco, by this also we stress that we will not rest until we achieve our goal, which is recover the entire Fundo Labranza consisting of approximately 1800 hectares.

Today Thursday February 28, came again the 2 representatives of the forestry company, and they came to negotiate our departure from the property and without giving a solution to our concerns, we agreed to get together again.

We also inform that we will not negotiate our land, we want to recover it, because we have the Land Grants in which it is recognized that this land, now in the hands of the forestry company, is owned by the community Maria Colipi.

We will continue to work the land in dispute, to support our fight and the families that accompany us. Therefore we will continue fighting until we recover all of our lands.


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