Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mapuche Machi Millaray Huichalaf and the International Women's Day, Chile

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Friday, March 8, 2013

A big hello to our Machi Millaray Huichalaf on the international day for women, a date that represents the struggle of women in the world, of the oppressed peoples in search of better living conditions and respect for their rights.

The Machi Millaray Huichalaf active defender of political, territorial and spiritual rights of the Mapuche Nation today is Mapuche political prisoner because of the need of the State of Chile to paralyze the resistance of the communities surrounding the river Pilmaiken who oppose the construction of hydroelectric power plants, energy projects that would destroy sacred Mapuche-Williche spaces, such as the Ngen Mapu Kintuante. 

From the Lof in resistance of the Pilmaiken we manifest that the imprisonment of our Machi is another reason we have to oppose the current political and economic system that oppresses us as a People and that the struggle for their freedom together with the defense of the Ngen Kintuante becomes a priority and not only for the communities surrounding the river Pilmaiken but for the entire Futa Willi Mapu.

On this day we remember Wakolda, Tegualda, Fresia, Janekeo, Micaela Bastidas Puyucahua, Bartolina Sisa, Mireya Figueroa, Patricia Troncoso, Machi Millaray Huichalaf and all those women who struggle every day in their communities recovering land and defending the rights of the Mapuche Nation, for all of you Kume Newen.

Freedom for Machi Millaray Huichalaf and all the Mapuche political prisoners
The Hydropower Plants out of the Rio Pilmaiken
Ngen Kintuante Mapuche Territory

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