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Sunday March 17, 2013

I, Leonardo Quijón Pereira, of the Community Chequenco, a political prisoner in the prison of Angol want to communicate to the national and international community:

1. There have pased already six months in preventive detention in the case in which I am accused of being a participant in the death of the settler and I have decided to ask my lawyer Lorenzo Morales to resign, because unfortunately until now he has done nothing for me. The situation is worrisome and we are now looking with my family for a defender since I am now without a lawyer.

2. I was accused along with Luis Marileo and Gabriel Valenzuela in the case of the death of the farmer and now, because of the persecution by the system, they have raised two more causes against me, for arson and threats, just to keep me in prison. On Tuesday March 19 the hearing takes place in which I am charged in a separate case for threats, at 11:30 am in Collipulli, like my sister Cristina at 10:00.

3. I call on the Minister of Justice and President Mr. Sebastian Piñera, to end the political persecution and setups against young people like me.

4. I want to remind you that I am innocent of all the crimes that I am charged with.

No more persecution and political setups!
No more militarization of Mapuche communities!
Freedom for all Mapuche political prisoners!

Leonardo Quijón Pereira, Mapuche political prisoner imprisoned in Angol.   

UPDATE! March 19, 2013

With regard to the Hearing and situation of Leonardo Quijón and his sister.

The fictitious charges against Cristina were found to be groundless, that is to say she is innocent of the charges of threats that were made against her. For Leonardo there will be held a new Hearing on April 23 to clarify
that case which was already suspended.

It is important to remember that these cases are tricks of the Anti-Mapuche Prosecutor Luis Chamorro, who has been pursuing this young Mapuche and his family for many years.

As for the case in which he is accused for the settler's death, his lawyer will remain Lorenzo Morales. For more information contact his sister or Leonardo.

We call for support for Leonardo as well as for all Mapuche Political Prisoners and their families. For information on how you can support them you can contact us by email:

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