Friday, February 15, 2013

Public Statement - Mapuche Political Prisoners, Valdivia, Chile

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To the Mapuche Nation and the national Chilean and the international public opinion, the Mapuche Political Prisoners held in Valdivia Prison declare:

1. - We are Mapuche, social fighters for our Political, Territorial and Spiritual rights, we oppose the invasion of capitalist enterprises that threaten to destroy and take away our land. Consistent with this, we denounce the persecution of which our lamngen Machi Millaray Huichalaf is a victim, who is Public spokeswoman for the Pilmaiken conflict. Because of them in the early morning of January 30 her home was raided, being arrested all who at that time we were in her ruka, including Machi Tito Cañulef of the Kunko territory. 

2. - We affirm that our imprisonment reflects a political offensive of the state together with landowners and Transnational Corporations to safeguard interests of hydropower projects in the Rio Pilmaiken, plants that flood the ceremonial complex Ngen Mapu Kintuante, sacred space vital to our existence as Mapuche in that territory.

3. - We denounce the new strategy of extermination adopted by the state that so far this year has prosecuted five Machi. The wingka knows that Pu Machi preserved and practice our culture for centuriesthat is why they obey the Az Mapu and understand the need to fight for territory. Therefore they are an essential part of rebuilding our traditional organization and fundamental pillar of the Mapuche Nation. The persecution of Pu Machi is consistent with the needs of capitalist predator designs, which requires our extermination as a People.

4. - We call to continue the path ordained by the Pu Lonko and followed by our Machi and weichafe, we oppose the capitalist invasion, recover the usurped territory and return to the communities. That our leaders lead a more consistent real struggle for our historical claims as a nation, our struggle must come and be sustained from the communities.

Mapuche Williche Political Prisoners of Pilmaiken
Valdivia Prison.

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