Monday, February 4, 2013

CELAC is over: Chile sold the Mapuche territory and resumed its violent dirty war

February 4, 2013

A few days after finishing the famous summit of CELAC-EU, the Chilean state once again demonstrates its darker side against Mapuche communities in resistance.

All dialog round-tables: the summits of Mount Ñielol, meetings with Enama, the ADI, were simply a show that the State performed for the countries attending the summit; an image of governability that they needed to present at the time to boost economic agreements, where Wallmapuche was another product for sale. 

The commemoration of the assassination of Matías Catrileo this year marked an important milestone for the communities in resistance and the Mapuche and Chileans in general. The demonstrations, which had a national character Mapuche forced various Mapuche and Chilean sectors to speak out, to show where they stand. A large part of the Mapuche people showed their support for the various territories in resistance, the dignified struggle that they carry on, making it clear that they are not alone in strength and that dignity is one of its greatest virtues.

However, opportunism and petty interests also appeared, those that swarmed at tables and summits to await some crumb to come to their hands, taking advantage of the actions of the communities, or in extreme cases, others who simply in an irresponsible manner fell into making accusations.

But, who was served by all this circus? In the days following the death of the colonists in Vilcún, the government did nothing different than it did for more than a 100 years​​. The repression that exists since those days in Wallmapu was only hidden while carrying out the CELAC-EU summit in Santiago.

And in this context, both the summit of Mount Ñielol as well as the meeting with Enama and the ADI, served to show a picture of dialog, but also, although upsetting to point it out, for playing along of the government and its desire to divide the Mapuche between good and evil, with the aim of isolating the communities that resist the capitalist occupation and plundering.

And the CELAC ended

The meeting of American and European businessmen, accompanied by obsequious presidents,ended Sunday January 27, and only two days later, on Tuesday 29, surprisingly,
three young men of the Community Wente Winkul Mapu were convicted, after as the development of the trial is revealed, it seems to become clear why.

The next day, early Wednesday 30 the area of El Roble-Carimallín in Rio Bueno was violently raided, police detained two Machi and four community members and members of support networks, accusing them of sabotage in territory occupied by entrepreneurs.   

Less than 48 hours later, in the area of Arauco they arrested an entire family, members of a support network and their young children, Emilio Berkhoff being imprisoned under the accusations that were publicly made by the Home Secretary Andrés Chadwick, who, in obedience to business pressures, said they arrested "a leader of violence." It became also known that there were other raids on homes of Machis in search of more prisoners, in addition to the escalation of violence against Mapuche authorities. 

Thus we are witnessing the development of a desperate hunt in a dirty war that the Chilean state deploys, cowardly using its reinforced military apparatus against the Mapuche movement. This attack, along with buying some Mapuche with the money from their "development areas" and "tables of dialog", they seek to stop the growing recovery of the Mapuche ancestral territory and expulsion of large companies that fund the Chilean political class and its capitalist stability.

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