Friday, February 22, 2013

New setup of the Prosecutor Chamorro falls to pieces, Mijael Carbone Queipul is acquitted

February 21, 2013

As a tribute to Maitu Marillan, the minor of 7 years old who was wounded by police during Chilean president Piñera's visit to the area in October, and all other Mapuche children injured and repressed by the Chilean military police, the werken of the Pu Lofmapu Xawun, Mijael Carbone Queipul, described the victory once again obtained in court.
At the same time he expressed his appreciation to all who supported him in the process, which took judicial conviction, clandestinity and persecution. "Right now I can only thank those who expressed their faith in my innocence, both from other countries and in Mapuche territory, the peñi and lamgen, the Chileans who also welcomed me into their homes and gave me encouragement during this difficult process, knowing that in this country the law is not always justice." said the young leader.

The Court of Angol ruled unanimously the innocence of Mijael, despite enormous pressure from the government and the prosecutor Chamorro. Note that the latter, in an unseemly and paranoid effort to influence the minds of the judges, said in the hearing this morning, preliminary to the ruling, that the then defendant had a direct ties with the recent death of the pair of landowners in Vilcún, whereupon the judges demanded him to avoid expressions that had no place whatsoever with the process.

Mapuche leaders of various territories came to Angol to support the werkén, some of whom agreed that now it is interesting to hear the views of the forestry official and the representative of the executive in the area Andrés Molina Malofke, who repeatedly told the media their desire to imprison the Mapuche spokesman, while its employees announced the return of the lands of Temucuicui to its ancestral owners. "Both things did not occur during this period and show a way of understanding life we reject with all our strength," concluded the Mapuche leaders.
All this occurred in the context of a militarized city, today in Angol at least 500 military police, 300 of them soldiers, armed with all sorts of implements of war and deterrence, submachine guns, shotguns, rifles, tear gas, buses and armored ehicles, guarded the city. So far we do not know if they protected Molina and Chamorro or others.

"Enraged, Public Prosecutor Chamorro yells at his own witnesses in Court of Angol"

After completing the preliminary stages, on this day will be announced the judgment of the Court of Angol regarding the charges of attempted murder against the Mapuche werkén Mijael Carbone Queipul. This, after having the representative of the Public Prosecution, Luis Chamorro, substantiate his accusation in court attributing to the facts investigated and to the person of the werkén to have "started - in 2011-the homicidal violence" in Mapuche territory.

According to audio recordings, at Tuesday's hearing were evident the aggressive attempts by prosecutor Luis Chamorro to induce his witnesses and experts, all of them policemen, because of the great contradictions that arose between them. This resulted in the defense objecting to the illegal action of the prosecution and the court reacted and repeatedly instructed him to limit himself to conducting an interview in accordance with the regulations. The situation annoyed Chamorro so much that he, in full hearing, infuriated and shouting, asked to review a documentary proof to then impose it with aggressive gestures and screaming about one of his own witnesses, to which the latter replied again differently to what the Prosecutor sought to induce. With evident gestures of despairing fury, the notorious prosecutor, called "anti-Mapuche" by the people, returned to his seat to make way for another of his witnesses, who also contradicted the accuser's version.

The Mapuche communities are waiting for the court to resolve, so far not knowing any clues thereon, however it is assumed that, given the lack of evidence - as the Supreme Court itself noted, and that the defendant always presented himself to the courts when the process gave minimal guarantees of objectivity, the judgment will be favorable for the young Mapuche.

Solidarity groups and Mapuche brothers are spread out across the various courts, prisons and support activities with the repressive onslaught, however the attendance of many of them is expected in todays  Hearing because of the importance of the judgment in the second trial for the same cause for the werkén.

By Communications PuLofMapuXawünn-Mapuche Territorial Alliance

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