Sunday, February 17, 2013

Public Statement No. 3 By Fernando Millacheo Marín, Mapuche Political Prisoner, Chile

To my Mapuche brothers, the Human Rights Organizations, the medical world in general and to the public opinion I inform the following:

Today, February 16, I am faced with my transfer from the prison of Angol, ninth region, TEMUCO, to the prison El Manzano, eighth region, CONCEPCIÓN, where I continue with my hunger strike of now 55 days.

Yesterday, February 15, 2013, around 23:00 hours, they attempted to make me undergo a medical check in the infirmary of the prison where I am currently being held.  

I denounce the conduct of the doctor, director of the prison El Manzano, Mr. Roberto Baos Somarriba, for acts of racism against me and for verbally assaulting me for being Mapuche. (His exact words: Shit Indian, why do they bring them here to me, let yourself be checked, they have me bored, why do they bring me more of these f*cking Indians? Terrorists!)

There is also an inmate, who is together with me, who witnessed these acts and who, for trying to defend me against the racist abuse, was assaulted by trampling his feet, leaving him with a wound.

And also they proceeded by bringing in a Rottweiler dog to intimidate me and to force me to consent to the medical check to which I posed resistance for said attitude. 

Therefore, to the public opinion, the Medical College, human rights organizations: I will not be attended by the physician of this prison while the treatment is not changed. Therefore ask another doctor to take charge of the medical checks and my state of health, which due to my 55-day hunger strike sees me at a weight of 45,600 kg.

also inform you that I will go on until the last consequences if necessary to prove my innocence, for the freedom of all Mapuche political prisoners and the freedom of the Mapuche nation.

Weight at the start of the strike                       60       kg  (12/24/2012)
Current weight at 56 days of hunger strike     45,600 kg (02/16/2013)

1. - I am completely innocent of the charges against me.
2. - I demand a fair trial and due process, and also that they expedite the procedures and allow me the right to defense.
3. - I request a change of my precautionary measures.
4. - I join the just demand for the freedom of all Mapuche political prisoners.
5. - I request a change of physician in charge of my medical checkups
the Fast I maintain from December 24, 2012.

Lof Chequenco, Fernando Millacheo Marín, Mapuche Political Prisoner.
Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners
(Family Millacheo Marin)
Prison El Manzano (
infirmary), February 16, 2013


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