Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mapuche Community Maria Colipi announces productive recuperation of Fundo Labranza usurped by Forestry Mininco, Chile

February 23, 2013

Public statement Mapuche Community Maria Colipi widow of Maril.

Today, Saturday
February 23 of the present year, Mapuche the new generation has decided to recover lands peacefully, create a dialog with the forestry Mininco in order to gain the full return of our lands and without the normal repression of the Chilean state.

We inform you that forestry Mininco has in its hands the Ranch Labranza, land which is part of what belongs ancestrally to us as Mapuche and to our Mapuche community Maria Colipi widow of Maril, this farm is part of our Lof guided by our former Lonko Juan Ignacio Maril, where after his death his widow continued in his footsteps, our Ñuke Maria Colipi widow of Maril, territory encompassing about 13,000 hectares of land. Where the invading Chilean state, helping individuals, corporations, landowners, etc.. has robbed our ancestors of much of our territory which is now reduced to 2000 hectares approx. which are occupied by 250 families, who make up the community as a whole.

That is why today and from here on, we, the new generation Mapuche, raise our voice and start the productive land recovery process, because we are living overcrowded, destined to live as relatives in the homes of our parents or grandparents. This territorial recovery process we have started with the erection of a Rewe at the site, which is the backbone of our spirituality, also we build a ruka in the territory declared in conflict, for the daily work involving land clearing and the start of cultivation of the land, cultivation that is necessary to feed our families.

In this process, which we started today, participate 60 families with women, children and our brothers, the other families will join with the advancement of this process, as we are all part of the need to recover our former territory. If the company or the repressive forces of the Chilean state evict us from this land, which amounts to 1800 hectares of mostly productive land, today full of pines, we will enter again in what we believe is part of us, with even more Newen, with a greater number of families, to regain our usurped Ñuke Mapu.

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