Saturday, February 16, 2013



To the national
and international public opinion, social and popular Chilean organizations and our Mapuche nation, we inform the following:

1. - That today, February 15, our peñi in political prison, Fernando Millacheo, was arbitrarily transferred to the prison El Manzano in Concepción. 

2. - That this new act of repression ordered by the gendarmes, in complicity with anti-Mapuche prosecutors and the court of Collipulli, only tries break his will to fight for his rights and dignities as Mapuche. 

3. - The argument given for the move is the deteriorating health of our peñi as a result of the hunger strike which already takes 54 days and in which he has lost 10 kilos. If that was the real reason he should have been taken to a local hospital and not to a distant prison more than 300 kilometers from his community. 

4.-The repressive State seeks with his transfer to isolate him from his relatives, community and also to prevent contact with his defense, to in this way continue with impunity with their setups and lies.

5. - We call for solidarity with our peñi Fernando Millacheo,
now we must go beyond words, because Fernando has put his life at risk for the defense of basic rights, today being trampled, of all worthy Mapuche fighting for the recovery of our territory and for the reconstruction of our Nation. 

 End the militarization of communities and return the Mapuche lands!
Freedom to the Mapuche political prisoners held by the Chilean state! 
Community Newen Mapu, Lof Chequenco

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