Sunday, February 24, 2013

Large demonstration by Mapuche in Rio Bueno: For territorial rights and freedom of political prisoners, Chile

February 21, 2013
 By Elias Paillan C

The mobilization had as principal aim to show solidarity to the situation of imprisonment suffered by the Machi Millaray Huichalaf and Tito Cañulef and the remaining four. Also to demonstrate their rejection of the construction of hydropower plants on the river Pilmaiken.

Approximately four hundred people marched this midday from the crossing los Tambores towards the city of Rio Negro to express their rejection of the possible construction of hydroelectric dams on the Rio Pilmaiken and for the freedom of the six Mapuche prisoners in the jail of Valdivia, among them the Machi Millaray Cañulef and Tito Huichalaf.

At the start they performed a Llellipun, a spiritual supplication, during which asked for the protective energies newen, strength for the activity and the future of the struggle as a people, according to their spokesmen.

Later, in a press round their spokesmen made it known that the prisoners have suffered degrading treatment by being forced to be DNA tested without their consent, violating rights embodied in human rights conventions such as ILO Convention 169.

At the end of the march on the Square of Rio Negro they delivered a letter to the Governor through a deputy representative. The Lonko Juana Cuante read the letter aloud.

"We ask that by your will is removed the charge against the ancestral authorities Machi Millaray Huichalaf, Machi Tito Cañuley, the zugun machife Cristian Garcia, the kona Huala, Cristian Bahamondes and Felix Delgado Ahumada."

"We demand the expropriation of Mapuche
Huilliche ceremonial complex Ngen Mapu Kintuante of the individual Heriberto Ortiz." As well as respect for the historical claims.  

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