Friday, February 15, 2013

The arrest of the werkén Jaime Huenchullan is declared Illegal by the Court of Collipulli, Chile

By Communications Team Autonomous Community Temucuicui and Adkimvn
February 14, 2013 by adkimvn

The Court of Guarantee of Collipulli decreed unlawful the arrest on Tuesday of the werkén of the Autonomous Community Temucuicui, Jaime Huenchullan Cayul conducted by Special Police Forces, on his way to the town of Ercilla.

During the detention control hearing on Wednesday, the werkén told the judge of Guarantee how he was arrested, noting that while he was driving to the town of Ercilla aboard a vehicle and accompanied by the French sociologist Michael Barbut, the police who were stationed on the public road at the height of the community Ancapi Nancucheo, blocked their path to make a control.

After completely overhauling the vehicle they began to verbally assault the werkén, who responded with criticism of the police and their massive and invasive presence in Mapuche territory. This prompted the militarized police to call reinforcements transforming a traffic control into an identity check.  

According to the werkén told, at the time of arrest there were six police vehicles and about fifteen policemen, who handcuffed him and delivered blows to the ribs, while shouting offensive phrases like "take that f*cking Mapuche" or "We are in Chile c*nt of your mother". Finally, the werkén was taken to the police station of Collipulli, where they continued giving him physical and verbal abuse, both in transit and during his stay in the police station. 

Faced with the decision of the Court, the werkén said "it is clearly demonstrated that policemen are acting out of control, arrogant and out of the legal framework," adding that this is evidenced by the decision of the Guarantee Judge Claudio Campos, of declaring illegal the detention.

The werkén Jaime Huenchullan has been harassed and arrested several times in recent months by police special forces who travel the roads within the militarized territory of the Mapuche communities of Ercilla.

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